Feb 10, 2012

News: Burger King - 2 for $3 Breakfast Sandwiches for a Limited Time

Burger King has a limited-time 2 for $3 breakfast sandwich promotion running through the end of the month (until February 29) at participating restaurants.

Under the promotion you can get ham, sausage, or bacon with egg on a croissant or biscuit and only pay $3 for two sandwiches.

Basically, you can choose from any of their biscuit or Croissan'wich but not the double Croissan'wiches under the promotion.


  1. If the doubles were available at this price that would be great, still a good deal, glad to see BK trying to compete here.

  2. Gee, that's akin to half off the price of one.

    Let us tear into the mind of the marketing folks.

    One-half off for one and hope the buyer uses the savings to buy the lower-cost-per-unit basic such as a drink and/or fries or whatever OR

    Hope the buyer is buying for two and buys enough extras to supply two eaters.

    Risk is that buyer is buying both items for one eater who decides the two items will be adequate and thus does not buy higher-profit extras.

    Need past data from prior similar marketing efforts to create an algorithm to ascertain most effective method of maximizing sales and thus profits resulting in enriching the deserving few atop the apex of the socio-economic pyramid.

    If jobs can be cut and remaining labor coerced into higher productivity (work harder for same or less wage) bonuses to the few can be even higher!!!!

    And all is well within corporate USA.

    The masses can just crawl off and starve... as long as enough still-employed commoner scum/dregs remain with a job to buy the vittles.

    Need another algorithm to determine those.

    Meet me at the country club for lunch.


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