Feb 5, 2012

Review: Dunkin' Donuts - Smokehouse Sausage Breakfast Sandwich

Dunkin' Donuts' Smokehouse Sausage Breakfast Sandwich features a split Hillshire Farm Smoked Sausage link, an egg and a slice of American cheese oven-toasted on an English muffin.

I actually picked this up at the airport while I was waiting for my plane to board. I don't think they even serve this at regular Dunkin' Donuts anymore (it's not on their website anyway).

Being an airport, the price was a little inflated at $3.79.

I was a bit dubious upon ordering as my server grab a pre-assembled sandwich including a split sausage that didn't even have a hint of ever being grilled and placing in one of those Turbo Chef speed cook ovens (like Subway uses).

I needn't have worried though as, unlike Subway where they quickly toast your sub for like 30 seconds, she left it in for a few minutes at least and the whole sandwich was nicely toasted with a nice bit of char on the sausage and gooey melted cheese. Success!

I was originally dubious as how a reheated egg would turn out but honestly it's comparable to a fresh cooked egg at most fast food chains. It seemed machine blended to a uniform consistency but was fluffy and not particularly moist but not dry either.

The sausage was really much like it'd be if you made it at home; juicy, smokey, and with a bit of charring.

The only disappointment with the sandwich was the English muffin which was soft and a bit too chewy. It lacked the same exemplary toasting of the cheese, egg, and sausage. Probably, this is due to the muffin halves being on the bottom of the tray during toasting but I can't be sure.

But other than that, a pretty good breakfast sandwich, available in even in the evening (at least at the airport, I don't live near a Dunkin' so I can't be sure)!

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Nutritional Info - Dunkin' Donuts Smokehouse Sausage Breakfast Sandwich
Calories - 550 (from Fat - 320)
Fat - 36g (Saturated Fat - 13g)
Sodium - 1510mg
Carbs - 36g (Sugar - 4g)
Protein - 21g

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  1. i came here thinking i was getting ripped off with the american cheese and the one sausage instead of the two that I thought the image conveyed. Why do we buy this crapola?

    american cheese? that shits disgusting. wake up merica


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