Feb 15, 2012

News: Burger King - Buy One, Get One Free Chicken Sandwiches

Besides their two for $3 breakfast sandwich promotion, Burger King has another limited-time promotion going this month: buy one Original Chicken Sandwich and get one free (of equal or lesser value).

Sandwiches include the Original Chicken Sandwich, Chicken Club Sandwich and the Italian Chicken Sandwich and the offer is good through March 5th at participating BK restaurants.

The Original Chicken Sandwich is Burger King's sub-style basic deep-fried chicken patty sandwich with lettuce and mayo. The Chicken Club Sandwich and Italian Chicken Sandwich are variations on the theme with the Chicken Club adding tomatoes and bacon to the mix while the Italian substitutes in marinara and mozzarella cheese.

The last time I had an Original Chicken Sandwich, they were going for $3.99 but also buy one, get one free.


  1. Yep, last time I went to BK the original chicken sandwich was $3.99 and with tax it ended being like $4.28. I had a BOGO coupon so I ended paying that for 2 sandwiches. Not long ago, just a few years, you could get the chicken sandwich COMBO for $3.99+tax.

  2. Just went there today, and the Combo is $6.61 total, and you CAN'T get this offer if you buy the combo. Only if you buy just the sandwich buy itself. Which is not a bad deal, but I like sides and drinks with my food.

  3. Exactly, it seems like this sandwich has gone up in price much more than other items. I think the price is fair with the offer, but other than that I'd go somewhere else.


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