May 3, 2016

Bacon Stuffed Crust Returns to Pizza Hut with Upgraded Bacon

The Bacon Stuffed Crust Pizza is back at Pizza Hut for a limited time and gets an upgrade with new applewood-smoked bacon in the crust.

The pizza was first introduced in 2014 as the "Bacon and Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza," but I guess they felt "and Cheese" was either unnecessary or too cumbersome this time around.

A large, 1-topping Bacon Stuffed Crust Pizza is available for $12.99 and, like the rest of their pizzas, you can add a crust flavor free of charge (crust flavors weren't available when the pizza was first introduced). It's a hand-tossed pizza with mozzarella, white cheddar and provolone cheeses, plus pieces of applewood-smoked bacon stuffed into the crust edge.

Photo via Pizza Hut.

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