Friday, March 19, 2010

Review: Ben & Jerry's - Half Baked Ice Cream

Ben & Jerry's Half Baked is so named because it's half baked fudge brownies and half chocolate chip cookie dough.  It's also half vanilla and half chocolate ice cream. (Wait... that doesn't add up...)  Actually, it seems more like 3/4th chocolate and 1/4 vanilla to me.  With Free Cone Day coming up next Tuesday, I have been furiously stuffing my face with only the best Ben & Jerry's pints to review.  I bought this pint at Fresh & Easy for $2.99 regular price.

So how is it?  In a word?  Decadent!  Imagine gooey fudge brownies and crumbly frozen chocolate chip cookie dough nestled in creamy chocolate ice cream with a touch of vanilla and you have Ben & Jerry's Half Baked.  It might be too rich for some but it's some definite good eats!

Honestly, all the flavors I've tried have been really good!  You really can't go wrong with any of them.  I guess it all comes down to personal preference.  And for the glutton in you, it's a good thing you can wait in line as many times as you want on Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day!
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