May 4, 2016

McDonald's Testing Chicken McNuggets Made with "Simpler" Recipe

McDonald's is testing a "simpler" clean-label recipe for Chicken McNuggets in the Southwest Washington and Portland, OR area.

According to Crain's Chicago Business, the fast food chain hopes to expand the new recipe nationwide in time for the 2016 Summer Olympics in August. The new recipes includes ingredients more recognizable to consumers, such as lemon juice solids (which I guess would replace the current citric acid) and rice starch (perhaps instead of modified food starch).

Advertisements for the new Chicken McNuggets seem to highlight the lack of artificial flavors and preservatives more frequently than the simpler recipe, despite the fact that the current McNuggets also don't contain artificial flavors or preservatives. It seems like what they had to change is the oil the that McNuggets are fried in, which currently contains TBHQ, an artificial preservative.

Image via McDonald's.

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