Nov 23, 2016

Bruegger's Bottomless Mug is Good for Unlimited Soda, Tea, and Coffee for All of 2017

Bruegger's Bagels' Bottomless Mug for 2017, which is good for unlimited refills of coffee, tea, and soda from now until the end of 2017 is currently on sale for a limited time.

A year of free drinks doesn't come cheap though: prices for the Bottomless Mug ranges from $175 to $195, varying with location. Although it might not be cheap, it does present a good value if you, or someone you gift it to, frequents the bagel shop regularly (especially if you park yourself there and read a book or get some work done).

If a coffee, tea, or soda goes for approximately $2 and you manage a visit once a day in 2017, you're looking at about $730 worth of drinks (that's not counting the rest of November and all of December if you get one now). If the average cost of the mug is $185, you get your money's worth if you manage to visit about 93 times in a year.

There are some limitations to the mug however:

- It's only good at participating locations.
- You can only get one refill per 30 minute interval, so your dreams of pounding cup after cup of coffee, tea, and/or soda might be dashed.
- Insofar as coffee goes, it's only good for drip coffee (i.e. no espresso-based drinks). Some locations might include hot chocolate and chai tea as options though.

Bruegger's Bottomless Mugs are being sold through January 31, 2017, while supplies last.

Photo via Bruegger's Bagels.

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