Nov 22, 2016

Domino's Planning on Reindeer Pizza Delivery in Japan This Winter

Faced with the prospect of a severe winter and snowfall in some of the colder parts of Japan preventing normal delivery methods, Domino's Pizza Japan has started training reindeer for potential winter pizza delivery starting in December.

According to an "delivery action plan" put out by the pizza chain, they also considered a 4-wheel drive SUV and a snowmobile as potential solutions for travel through heavy snow before settling on reindeer (I guess maybe it's cheaper to rent reindeer... plus you get the novelty and buzz of reindeer delivery during the Christmas season. It's almost like Santa delivering a pizza but to your door rather than through the chimney.)

RocketNew24 reports that the company is currently conducting training exercises with the animals on the grounds of a driving school in the city of Ishikari city in Hokkaido, the north-most of Japan's islands.

So far, details regarding the service are rather sparse, but Domino's plans to release more information on their reindeer pizza delivery on November 24, 2016.

While the idea of reindeer delivery may seem like a hoax, it should be noted that this is the same company that has explored delivery by robot, drone, and canoe. Plus reindeer delivery shouldn't be all that different from (very) old-fashioned delivery by horse.

Photos via Domino's Japan.

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