Nov 16, 2016

Starbucks is Selling a Giant 138-oz Coffee Mug for Christmas

Starbucks looks to go after the "bigger is better" crowd this holiday season with the 138-oz Giant Classic Mug as a potential Christmas gift for the Starbucks fan in your life.

While the picture doesn't really give you a sense of the scale of the cup, it measures 9.84" H x 12" W (with handle) and carries a hefty price tag of $94.95.

At 138 ounces, the mug is big enough to fill up with a little over eight Grandes (their 16-oz cup size). Interestingly, it isn't biggest cup Starbucks has ever offered. Last year, they offered the the Big Logo Mug measuring 14.57" H x 15.75" W (with handle) over in Japan (pictured below). Also, apparently, back in 2001, for their 30th anniversary, they put out 1,000 5-gallon (640 oz) mugs for promotional display.

Unfortunately, for those hoping to drink 128 ounces of coffee from the mug in one sitting, it's labeled as being "for decorated purposes only," which means it is probably not coated inside to hold liquids. While you might chance a drink or two, I wouldn't use it for a regular cup (although I suppose you can glaze/seal it yourself...). Also, the Giant Classic Mug is already sold out online, although there's always they chance that they'll restock as Christmas approaches.

Photos via Starbucks & Starbucks Japan, respectively.

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