Nov 4, 2016

Review: Subway - Pumpkin Spice Cookie

Subway's Pumpkin Spice Cookie features pumpkin-flavored dough, vanilla, molasses, nutmeg, white confectionery chips, and cinnamon.

These are 75 cents each or three for $1.75.

Along with the Apple Pie cookie, the Pumpkin Spice Cookie is new this fall.

The cookie has a thin, crisped crust with a moist, soft, and chewy crumb (center) throughout.

In taste, it's like a gingerbread cookie but a mellow pumpkin quality in lieu of the ginger. Which is to say there's a not-too-heavy not of the typical holiday spices and a caramelized sweetness. The confectionery chips don't make much of an impact and I initially thought they were pieces of pie crust. I was expecting more of a creamy sweet pop from them. Instead, I hardly noticed them except for the visual aspect.

All in all, I'm pretty big fan of pumpkin pie so Subway's Pumpkin Spice Cookie is right down my alley. The flavor is nice and the textures are right. I'd like better candy chips though.

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