Nov 15, 2016

KFC UK's New Christmas Chicken Sandwich Includes Cranberry Sauce and Potatoes But No Gravy

KFC has put out a festive Christmas chicken sandwich with cranberry sauce and a hash brown patty over in the UK--a first for the chain in the country.

The Christmas Burger features a crispy Original Recipe chicken filet, cranberry sauce, a hash brown, cheese, lettuce, and sage and onion mayo on a sesame seed bun.

The cranberry sauce and hash brown (to stand in for roasted potatoes) are holiday staples that are represented in the sandwich but it looks like stuffing and gravy are not. However, according to Mirror Online, the sage and onion mayo is meant to evoke the taste of stuffing.

While the Christmas-themed item is a first for KFC in the UK, chains like McDonald's and Burger King regularly offer a Christmas menu around this time of year.

Photo via KFC UK.

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