Nov 13, 2016

Pizza Hut Releases New Bacon Crusted Pizza in El Salvador

While you can regularly get a pizza sprinkled with cheese on the crust from Pizza Hut here in US, the chain has one-upped itself over in El Salvador with the new Bacon Gold crust option, which adds a layer of diced bacon plus cheddar and parmesan cheese over the crust of any pizza.

The crust is available on pizzas as small as a personal pan pizza and as large as their Pizza 4 (which is similar to a Bigfoot Pizza). It joins a menu that already includes the Pepperoni Gold crust option (pictured below), which adds a layer of pepperoni, cheddar, and parmesan on the crust.

So far here in the States, Pizza Hut has stuffed their pizza crust with bacon but has yet to sprinkle it on top. Still, given the ease of implementation (and already existing ingredients), I wouldn't be surprised if the option made it to our bacon-loving shores in the near future (we do have bacon-wrapped pizza after all).

Photos via Pizza Hut El Salvador.

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