Nov 30, 2016

Domino's Japan Shows Why Planned Reindeer Delivery is Being Cancelled

Not too long ago, Domino's Japan released serious plans to implement reindeer delivery in select areas that are slated to be hit by a harsh winter.

Unfortunately for Japanese residents looking forward to see their pizza delivered on the back of a reindeer, the plan had to be scrapped. They put out a video showing why:

What it boiled down to is: the reindeer were too difficult to control. In certain countries, including Japan, Domino's lets you track the status of your pizza delivery via GPS. They even came up with a reindeer icon for the promotion. But, as you can see in the video, with the reindeer, there's a chance that your pizza delivery might start weaving around in circles not unlike a drunken sailor in a storm. And that's only what happens on a empty test track at a driving school.

With the reindeer plan being shelved, they're left with decorating some of their delivery cycles to look like reindeer with antlers and the like.

Here's a longer video of the reindeer training in-progress:

Photos via Domino's Japan.

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