Nov 17, 2016

McDonald's Tests New Sriracha Big Mac

McDonald's is testing a spicy version of their iconic Big Mac in the Central Ohio area. The new Sriracha Big Mac features Sriracha Big Mac sauce--a mixture of Sriracha and the thousand island-like Mac sauce.

Beyond the spicy sauce instead of regular Mac sauce, the Sriracha Big Mac is identical to a regular Big Mac.

Sriracha Big Mac sauce is also available as a dipping sauce for McNuggets or French fries and as an customized option for other sandwiches on the menu.

You can find the Sriracha Big Mac and Sriracha Big Mac sauce at participating locations in Central Ohio through December 31, 2016. The area is a popular test market for McDonald's and served as a test market for the Grand Mac and Mac Jr. earlier in the spring.

If  you happen to live in Southern California, you can probably custom order your own Sriracha Big Mac as Sriracha Big Mac sauce has been in test here since the summer as part of a Signature Crafted sandwich option.

Photo via McDonald's.

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