Nov 27, 2016

Cheetos Selling Fashionably Cheesy Gift Items for Christmas

For those looking for a bit of novelty for the Cheetos fan in their life, Frito-Lay's Cheetos store is open for business this holiday season with items like Cheeteau Perfume, Chester Cheetah's Cheesy Cuffs cuff links, and orange-colored Toilet Paw-per.

The brand's first-ever online store offers what they're calling "a never-before-seen collection of luxury items to meet the desires of every grown-up on your holiday list who needs a special dash of Cheetos fun."

To hammer home the luxury theme, the most expensive Cheetos-themed item being sold this holiday season rings in at $20,000.

Here's the a sample of what's available:

- Eye of the Cheetah from the Chestora Jewelry Collection ($20,000.00) - A 18k gold jewelry set of two earrings and a ring featuring orange sapphires as well as black and white diamonds for the appropriate cheetah motif.

- Colour de Cheetos Bronzer ($11.99) - In case you want to get your skin the same color as your favorite snack...

- Chester Cheetah’s Cheesy Cuffs ($69.00) - Sterling silver cufflinks shaped like Chester Cheetah's paw.

- Cheeteau Perfume ($18.99) - According to the online store, this "scent is crafted from hand-extracted cheese oils taken from only the rarest Cheetos and carefully mixed by hitting the blender’s ON button."

- Flamin’ Hot Pants ($59.99) - Spandex leggings printed with the same design as bags of Flamin' Hot Cheetos.

- Toilet Paw-per ($7.99) - A 6-pack of orange-colored toilet paper printed with black paw prints.

You can find the full selection at: It only launched on November 18, 2016 but some items are already sold out (including the $20,000 jewelry set).

Photos via Cheetos.

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