Jun 9, 2017

Boston Market Bakes New Oven-Crisp Chicken Strips

Positioned as a better-for-you alternative to fried chicken strips, Boston Market introduces new Oven-Crisp Chicken Strips.

Available for a limited time through August 13, 2017, the strips feature hand-breaded, chicken breast strips that are breaded and baked. Sauce is available for dipping.

Oven-Crisp Chicken Strips can be purchased individually (starting at $3.49 for three strips) or as part of an Individual Meal (four strips, two sides, and cornbread for $7.99), salad, sandwich, bowl, wrap, or kid's meal.

The product is basically another form of the oven-baked filets they offered around this time last year.

They're offering a number of deals involving the strips each Friday this month:

- Friday, June 9 - Two free Oven-Crisp Chicken Strips with any Individual Meal purchase.

- Friday, June 16 - One free fountain drink with an Oven-Crisp Chicken Strip Individual Meal purchase.

- Friday, June 23 - One free kid's Oven-Crisp Chicken Strip meal with any Individual Meal purchase.

- Friday, June 30 - Oven-Crisp Chicken Strip sandwich or wrap for $5.00.

Photo via Boston Market.

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