Jun 14, 2017

Unilever Reveals 2017 Ice Cream and Frozen Dessert Line Up

Unilever introduces 16 new flavors/varieties of frozen treats for 2017 across their many brands.

Here's what's new from the company:

- Simply Popsicle - A new line of  ice pop made with cane sugar and with flavors and colors from natural sources. The new line contains no high-fructose corn syrup and has 40 calories per pop. The line features the following flavors: Strawberry-Banana and Mango; Berry and Pineapple; Orange, Cherry or Grape; and Strawberry and Raspberry.

- Popsicle Star Wars Ice Pops in three flavors: First Order Cherry, Blue Raspberry Resistance, and Galactic Watermelon.

- Popsicle Despicable Me Minions Ice Pops in two flavors: Compai Blue Raspberry and Bello Yellow Lemonade.

- Popsicle Sours in three flavors: Orange, Blue Raspberry, and Green Apple.

- Two new original Popsicle flavors: Banana and Lemon-Lime.

- Breyers Non-Dairy Vanilla Peanut Butter - made with almond milk and non-GMO-sourced ingredients.

- Breyers Non-Dairy Oreo Cookies & Cream - Like their regular Cookies & Cream but made with almond milk instead of milk and cream.

- Breyers Chocolate Mint - Dark chocolate ice cream with chocolaty chips swirled with mint ice cream.

- Breyers Cinnamon Swirl - Cinnamon-sugar swirls with vanilla frozen dessert.

- Breyers Butterscotch Blondie - Blondie pieces with vanilla ice cream "to bring out the brown sugar and buttery flavors of butterscotch."

- Breyers Gelato Indulgences Cookie Dough - Sweet cream gelato with a fudge swirl and chocolate chip cookie dough pieces.

- Breyers Gelato Indulgences Pistachio Biscotti - Pistachio-flavored gelato with a pistachio swirl and biscotti crumble.

- Breyers Gelato Indulgences Cinnamon Roll - Vanilla-cinnamon gelato with cinnamon sugar and a baked cinnamon topping.

- Good Humor Oreo Cone - A chocolaty cone filled with vanilla frozen dessert that's blended and topped with Oreo cookie pieces.

- Klondike Brownie Fudge Swirl Bar - chocolate ice cream with fudge swirls covered in a thick, milk-chocolaty shell.

- Magnum Double Cookies & Cream - Cookies and cream ice cream, chocolate cookie sauce, and a "crackling" coating made with Belgian chocolate and more cookie pieces.

- Magnum Double Chocolate Hazelnut - Chocolate hazelnut ice cream, hazelnut sauce, and a "crackling" coating made with Belgian chocolate.

Photo via Unilever.

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