Jun 15, 2017

Burger King Serves New Crab Cake Burger Topped with Shrimp in South Korea

Burger King serves up a new, limited-time seafood burger over in South Korea that features a fried crab cake patty topped with garlic shrimp.

The new burger is called the "Tong Shrimp Crab Burger." In addition to the crab cake and shrimp, the burger also includes lettuce, tomato, onions, and tartar sauce made with Old Bay Seasoning.

In case, you want something a bit more surf and turf, the chain is also offering the Red Crab Whopper, which takes your standard Whopper and adds the crab cake and tartar sauce to it. But that's not all...
Keeping with the seafood theme, the chain's Chicken Fries get in on the act with new Shrimp Chicken Fries. The new shrimp-flavored Chicken Fries come with garlic soy sauce for dipping.

Photos via Burger King South Korea.

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