Jun 19, 2017

Review: Popeyes - Cherry Cheesecake Pie

Popeyes' Cherry Cheesecake Pie features a combination of cherry pie filling, cheesecake, and graham cracker crumbs in a deep-fried, turnover-style shell.

I bought one for $1.29.

Given the warmth of the pie, the cheesecake filling was like softened butter in texture while the cherry pie filling was more liquid but with the occasional cherry. The crumbs contributed a just light bit of graininess as there wasn't all that much available.

The shell was fairly thick with a nice crispiness but not too many of the crackly bubbles you find in similar pies from other chains.

The cheesecake offered a nice sweet creaminess while the graham cracker crumbs added just a touch of graham cracker flavor but the cherry was a little weird... The cherries themselves were tart but the sauce reminded me of cherry-flavored hard candy. It wasn't bad but I can't say I liked it.

Overall, I liked Popeyes' Cherry Cheesecake Pie but I would have enjoyed it a lot more if it didn't taste so much like candy on account of the cherry sauce.

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