Jun 10, 2017

EatingWell Frozen Meals Adds Six New Varieties

Bellisio Foods expands their EatingWell line of frozen dinners with six new entrees, including a vegetarian gnocchi dish and three gluten-free chicken meals.

Here's what you can expect to see starting this month:

- Chicken & Fingerling Potatoes - Roasted white meat chicken with fingerling potatoes and vegetables in a whole grain mustard sauce; gluten-free.

- Gnocchi with Garden Vegetables - Whole wheat gnocchi with peppers, broccoli, and kale in a creamy tomato vodka sauce; vegetarian.

- Steak Carne Asada - Grilled beef steak and brown rice in a red sauce with corn, red peppers, and black beans; gluten-free.

- French Inspired Chicken - Roasted white meat chicken with vegetables and potatoes in a Chardonnay sauce; gluten-free

- Thai Style Peanut Chicken - Roasted white meat chicken in a creamy peanut sauce with vegetables on multi-grain pasta.

- Butter Chicken Masala - Roasted white meat chicken and brown basmati rice in a rich curry sauce with spinach and carrots; gluten free.

The EatingWell line is probably most notable for its packaging which includes a window that lets you see exactly how the food looks inside. Each entree in the line features: one cup of vegetables; 13 or more grams of protein; chicken, beef or pork raised without antibiotics; and whole grains. Additionally, as is the trend, they're free of artificial colors and flavors, preservatives, MSG, and hydrogenated oils.

Bellisio Foods also produces Michelina's, So Right, Boston Market, Chili's, and Atkins frozen food lines.

Photo via Bellisio Foods.

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