Feb 23, 2018

Hostess Brings Back Mint Chocolate, Strawberry, and Sea Salt Caramel Cupcakes

Calling it part of their "2018 Cupcake Craze program," Hostess rolls out three limited-time Cupcakes flavors: Mint Chocolate, Strawberry, and Sea Salt Caramel.

Mint Chocolate Cupcakes feature a frosted chocolate cupcake with mint creme filling.

Strawberry Cupcakes are frosted strawberry cupcakes with creme filling.

Sea Salt Caramel Cupcakes consist of caramel-iced yellow cupcakes with sea salt topping and a caramel creme filling.

Each comes in a 12.7-oz box of eight individually-wrapped cupcakes and are sold nationwide.

Photos via Hostess Brands, LLC.

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