Feb 16, 2018

Olive Garden Adds New Meatball Pizza Bowl to Lunch Menu

Olive Garden bolster their lunch menu with the arrival of the new Meatball Pizza Bowl.

Offered as part of the Lunch Duos menu, which pairs an entree with unlimited soup or salad plus breadsticks, the new dish features a baked pizza bowl (think a doughy pizza crust shaped somewhat like a bowl) filled with melted Italian cheeses and topped with meatballs and meat sauce.

At least as far as the picture goes, the new bowl looks to carry quite a bit of cheese and follows in the footsteps of non-traditional Italian dishes (or traditional Italian dishes with a twist, depending on who you're asking) such as breadstick sandwiches and spaghetti pie.

Prices for the Meatball Pizza Bowl start at $8.99 (may vary) and it is only available for lunch from Monday to Friday before 3 PM. The chain serves their dinner menu all day on the weekends and holidays.

Photo via Olive Garden.

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