May 5, 2018

Hi-Chew Trots Out New Acai Flavor and New Tropical Mix

Hi-Chew welcomes summer with new Hi-Chew Acai and new Hi-Chew Tropical Mix chewy candies.

Hi-Chew Acai delivers the flavor of the superfood berry along with chia seeds. Each 1.76-oz stick includes 10 individually-wrapped chews.

HI-Chew Tropical Mix is a variety pack of Mango, Kiwi, and new Pineapple chews (Kiwi and Pineapple replace Banana and Melon flavors). Tropical Mix comes in 3.53-oz bags.

You can find both new products for sale at retailers nationwide as well as online on the brand's website. The suggested price for Hi-Chew Acai is $1.39 while the suggested price for a bag of Tropical Mix is $2.39.

Photo via Hi-Chew.

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