May 11, 2018

Jimmy John's Stirs Up New Made-from-Scratch Kickin' Ranch

Jimmy John's adds new Kickin' Ranch to their available condiments for sandwiches as well as as a sauce for dipping.

The new sauce is made from scratch at each location and features hot cherry peppers and special seasonings pureed into fresh buttermilk.

It was tested at select locations last year and is now being rolled out nationally.

The chain has also been testing something called a "Frenchy," a sandwich on a thinner version of their French bread filled with butter (instead of mayo), cheese, and Italian meats. It's unclear what the name references but there is a regional variant of a grilled cheese that's called a "Frenchy" (or "Frenchee"). It could also be the chain's variant of a croque monsieur, a French sandwich.

Photo via Jimmy John's.

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