May 7, 2018

McDonald's Completes Roll-Out of Made-to-Order, Fresh Beef Quarter Pounder Patties

McDonald's has completed the nationwide roll-out of their made-to-order, fresh beef Quarter Pounder patties at participating restaurants.

The option was tested last year at a number of locations and being rolling out as a permanent change in March of this year.

The new patties are meant to be "hotter" and "juicier" than the previous version. They can be found in Quarter Pounders and Signature Crafted Recipe burgers. The smaller, thinner hamburger patties found in the chain's cheaper hamburgers and the Big Mac are still the same frozen patties as before.

I've tried the new patties a couple of times and have found them to both look and tasted markedly better than before.

Photo via McDonald's.

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