May 1, 2018

Review: Pizza Hut - Double Cheesy Pan Pizza

Pizza Hut's Double Cheesy Pan Pizza features a ring of melted cheese lining the edge of a pan pizza crust. Additionally, the pizza also includes a toasted parmesan crust and comes sprinkled with parmesan oregano.

I paid $14.99 for a large topped with sausage (plus tax and a 52-cent service charge for the "higher costs" here in California...).

I haven't had a pan pizza from Pizza Hut in a while but it was less greasy and much softer than I remember. There wasn't any crunch from the bottom of the crust and the crispiness of the crust edge came from the toasted parmesan rather than the dough.

With the extra ring of mellow and salty cheese and the extra space it takes up, the end crust felt a bit bread-like.

Beyond the special crust, the pizza turned out okay with a rather sweet pizza sauce, not-so-stretchy cheese, tasty sausage, and just a light touch of oregano.

I found Pizza Hut's Double Cheesy Pan Pizza to be decent enough but it seems rather pricey for what is basically their regular pan pizza plus the cheese from their stuffed crust pizza. As they're currently offering a large, 2-topping pizza for $7.99 carryout, the extra cheese of the Double Cheesy Pan Pizza hardly seems worth almost double the price.

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