May 13, 2018

New "Pizza in a Bag" Pizza-Flavored Pepperoni Jerky Only at Walmart

Created by one of the guys behind popular Youtube channel, Epic Meal Time, new "Pizza in a Bag" pizza-flavored pepperoni jerky can be found exclusively at Walmart.

The product is the first for the Super Snack Time brand which aims to "become America’s most outrageous and Instagram-worthy food brand."

Pizza in a Bag comes in three varieties: Pepperoni Pizza Style, Supreme Pizza Style, and Buffalo Pizza Style.

Like pizza, the pepperoni jerky slices are actually flavored with ingredients like tomato sauce, Parmesan cheese, and garlic.

You can find the new product in 2-oz bags (shaped like a slice of pizza) for $3.98 in Walmart stores nationwide.

Photo via Walmart.

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