Aug 14, 2018

McDonald's Serves Up New Durian Hotcakes and Sundaes in Malaysia

McDonald's is serving up a whole (smelly) menu of desserts featuring durian for a limited time over in Malaysia.

The menu includes the new D24 Durian Sundae, new D24 Durian Hotcakes, and returning D24 Durian McFlurry. "D24" refers to a specific variety of durian.

The D24 Durian Sundae features vanilla soft serve with durian sauce, while D24 Durian Hotcakes consist of two hotcakes with a layer of durian filling between them.

While durian is not very popular here in the States, it enjoys a fair amount of popularity in Southeast Asia and China. It's known for its distinctively strong odor and custardy flesh.

Photo via McDonald's Malaysia.

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