Aug 23, 2018

Review: Little Caesars - 5 Meat Feast Pizza

Little Caesars' 5 Meat Feast Pizza is their round pizza topped with extra cheese, bacon, sausage, ham, pepperoni, and beef.

I picked one up for $9.

Like the rest of Little Caesars' ExtraMostBestest line, the 5 Meat Feast Pizza comes with a lot more cheese than their signature $5 Hot N Ready pizzas. Because the chain uses a blend of Muenster and mozzarella cheese, there's a nice, oozy stretch and flavor to it.

Beyond the cheese, there was plenty of meat to go around. Notably, there was a bit of spicy heat from the pepperoni and a well-seasoned herby flavor from the sausage with a more milder meatiness from the beef. The ham was a little dried out, while the bacon tasted more like ham and wasn't crispy at all.

The crust and sauce is the same as any other Little Caesars' round pizza, which is to say, that the crust was a bit chewier than the other major chains and relatively even in thickness from end to end. The sauce was tomato-y and not heavily seasoned nor overly sweet.

While I appreciated the general meaty cheesiness of Little Caesars' 5 Meat Feast Pizza, the lackluster bacon left it feeling more like a 4 Meat Feast. Given that it's currently the same price as Little Caesars' 3 Meat Feast and cheaper than similarly-topped pizzas at the other Big Four pizza chains, it's not a bad choice if you want meat, meat, and more meat on your pizza.

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