Aug 9, 2018

Review: Sour Patch Kids Fire and Sour Patch Kids Freeze Candies

Sour Patch Kids Fire feature sweet, sour, and spicy gummy candies in a variety of fruit flavors, while Sour Patch Kids Freeze are sweet, sour, and cool gummy candies in various lemonade flavors.
A 7.2-oz bag goes for $1.99 or so, but I received these courtesy of Sour Patch Kids.

Sour Patch Kids Fire deliver a spicy heat as well as a dose of warmth that might cause a bit of sweating. The bag warns that the candy "contains heat sensation, may cause mouth irritation; excessive consumption is not advisable." The spiciness itself is similar to cinnamon candy minus the cinnamon flavor. It builds up pretty well after a few candies.

The Freeze version adds a cooling effect similar to menthol (i.e. cough drops) rather than mint. It's an interesting effect I don't normally associate with candy.

Sour Patch Kids Fire come in Berry Blaze, Tropical Flame, Apple Fever, and Angry Watermelon flavors. Each delivers the requisite dose of its respective flavor. Sour Patch Kids Freeze come in Blue Raspberry Lemonade, Strawberry Lemonade, Cherry Lime Lemonade, and Lemonade. They're not as fruity as the Fire ones and are a bit more sour.

Overall, Sour Patch Kids Fire and Freeze feel more like a novelty item rather than something I'd choose over regular Sour Patch Kids. I liked the variety of flavors though and the Fire ones in particular might be something funny to sneak into a friend's bag of regular Sour Patch Kids.

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