Aug 30, 2018

The Coffee Bean's 2018 Pumpkin Menu Includes Pumpkin Chai Tea and Pumpkin Cold Brew

Joining the chorus of fall pumpkin-flavored beverages, The Coffee Bean's 2018 fall menu includes a trio of pumpkin-themed drinks, including the Pumpkin Cold Brew Almond Milk Latte.

The Pumpkin Cold Brew Almond Milk Latte is joined by the Pumpkin Chai Tea Latte and Pumpkin Latte. All three drinks can be ordered hot, iced, or as an Ice Blended.

Beyond the three featured drinks, you can also customize your pumpkin-flavored drink with caramel sauce, cookies pieces, and/or a chocolate sauce drizzle.

Photo via The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

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