Aug 15, 2018

Tasting: Taco Bell - Volcano Chicken Taco

Taco Bell Korea Volcano Chicken Taco
Taco Bell's Volcano Chicken Taco is a spicier version of the Naked Chicken Chalupa that is currently only available in South Korea. It features lettuce, tomato, shredded cheddar cheese, Lava sauce, and jalapenos in a crispy fried chicken taco shell.

While you can only buy it in South Korea, I was able to try it out recently courtesy of Taco Bell.

As you can guess by the ingredients, the Volcano Chicken Taco is basically the Naked Chicken Chalupa but with Lava sauce (a cheesy spicy sauce discontinued here in the US) instead of avocado ranch and the addition of pickled jalapenos.

Beyond the extra heat, which never got uncomfortable (I feel like my spicy tolerance has leveled up since I last tried Lava sauce many years ago as I remember it being very spicy), the Lava sauce contributed a bit of tanginess to go with a mild cheesy factor, while the jalapeno was good for a juicy crunch.

Taco Bell Korea Volcano Chicken Taco top-down view
Overall, the Volcano Chicken Taco was enjoyable enough but doesn't bring much in the way of newness if you frequent Taco Bell regularly. But, if you're still wishing for Lava sauce and/or Taco Bell's Volcano menu (regular Taco Bell menu items like tacos and burritos but with Lava sauce), you might be wishing you were in Korea right now.

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