Aug 28, 2018

Subway Adding New Herb Garlic Oil and More

In a staggered launch, Subway is updating their menu with new sauces, fresh-ground spices, and beverages, including new Herb Garlic Oil and Watermelon Cucumber Agua Frescas.

The new additions are currently available at almost 500 Subways in the US with plans to roll them out nationwide by summer 2019.

The new sauces and spices include:

- Sub Spice - "A zesty Subway signature spice blend."
- Mustard Seed Spread - "Pickled mustard seeds add some sweet and heat."
- Provencal Herbs - "A blend of thyme, rosemary, oregano, and lemon."
- Subway Signature Herb Garlic Oil - "Oil blended with roasted garlic, basil, and Italian herbs."
- Sea Salt & Pepper - "Freshly cracked sea salt and black pepper."

Each spice blend is stored in a hand grinder so that they can be ground on your sandwich to order.

They also have a new "Make It Zesty" sandwich build that includes lettuce, pickles, tomatoes, herb garlic oil, and onions in addition to your choice of cheese, bread, and meats.

The new drinks come in new drink dispensers that are positioned next to the soda fountain. The available varieties include:

- Green Sweet Tea
- Classic Lemonade
- Passionfruit Orange Guava
- Watermelon Cucumber

Photos by BrandEating staff.

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