Jan 7, 2020

Coca-Cola Previews New Coke Energy at CES

New Coca-Cola Energy will be launching nationwide later this month on January 20, 2020 but Coca-Cola is previewing it and giving it out for free at this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

The first Coke-branded energy drink comes in skinny 12-oz cans that each contain 114 mg of caffeine (about the same as 12-oz of drip coffee and more than the 45 mg you find in a regular can of Coke), guarana extracts, and B-vitamins.

At launch it will be available in four varieties (but two flavors): Coca-Cola Energy, Coca-Cola Energy Zero, Coca-Cola Energy Cherry, and Coca-Cola Energy Cherry Zero.

While Coca-Cola Energy is new to us in the US, it's already available in 25 countries.

If you happen to be at CES, which runs from January 7 to 10, you can stop by the Alexa Coca-Cola Energy Wall and say, "Alexa, order Coca-Cola Energy," to get a free can of the new energy drink to try. Coca-Cola Energy is available for pre-order on (either by visiting the site or saying, "Alexa, order Coca-Cola Energy" on an Alexa-enabled device).

Photo via Coca-Cola.

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