Jan 27, 2020

Halo Top Releases New Keto Series Made from Ultra-Filtered Milk

Halo Top caters to followers of a keto diet with the release of their new Keto Series, which is made with ultra-filtered skim milk for fewer calories and sugar versus regular milk as well as more protein.

The Halo Top Keto Series features 5 to 10 grams net carbs and 410 to 630 calories per pint. Compared to Halo Top's regular line of light ice creams, the Keto Series contains less carbs but more calories.

At launch, there are seven flavors to the keto-friendly line. They are:

- Peanut Butter Chocolate - Ultra-filtered milk frozen dessert with peanut butter, mini peanut butter cups, and a chocolate swirl. Calories/pint: 630, Net carbs/pint: 8g

- Caramel Butter Pecan - Ultra-filtered milk frozen dessert mixed with buttery caramel syrup and pieces of roasted pecans. Calories/pint: 460, Net carbs/pint: 5g

- Chocolate Cheesecake - Ultra-filtered milk chocolate frozen dessert with cheesecake pieces. Calories/pint: 470, Net carbs/pint: 10g

- Jelly Donut -Ultra-filtered milk frozen dessert with a strawberry swirl and glazed donut pieces. Calories/pint: 450, Net carbs/pint: 7g

- Berry Swirl - Ultra-filtered milk frozen dessert with blueberries and strawberries, plus strawberry and blueberry syrups. Calories/pint: 410, Net carbs/pint: 8g

- Banana Cream Pie - Ultra-filtered milk frozen dessert with creamy bananas, chocolate syrup, and pie flavors. Calories/pint: 500, Net carbs/pint: 8g

- White Chocolaty Macadamia Nut - The taste of macadamia nut and white chocolaty flavor in ultra-filtered milk frozen dessert. Calories/pint: 460, Net  carbs/pint: 8g

Halo Top's Keto Series carries a suggested price tag of $5.99 per pint.

Photo via Halo Top.

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