Jan 21, 2020

A Look at the Coca-Cola Insiders Club Subscription Box for January 2020

While the 1,000 initial allotment of subscriptions for the new Coca-Cola Insiders Club sold out in short order, I was able to get a media subscription courtesy of Coca-Cola. Here's what I found in the Coca-Cola Insiders Club subscription box for January 2020:

- Smartwater Cucumber Lime - It pretty much tastes as you'd expect: Like water that you dropped a few cucumber slices and a squeeze or two of lime in.

- Coca-Cola Energy Zero Sugar Cherry - It tastes like cherry cola but with an artificial sugar aftertaste that lingered quite a bit. Interestingly, it was more of an amber color versus the brown of regular Coca-Cola.

- Fanta Peach - It tastes very much like a ripe peach, which is surprising as it contains zero fruit juice (it is made with natural flavors instead).

- $5 Amazon gift card "to help restock your favorite beverage."

- Insiders Club laptop sticker

- Coca-Cola pen set - Sorry to dash your hopes but the ball-point pens are not the color of the various sodas decorating their surfaces. No, they all contain very standard blue ink.

- Coca-Cola stickers - Little stickers of cans, cups, and bottles of various Coca-Cola brand sodas.

Also of note: all the product packaging and the box itself is 100% recyclable.

If there's an interest, I can do a similar post for each of the subscription boxes as they come in (once a month through June 2020).

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