May 14, 2020

Bomb Pop Releases New Bomb Pop Middles

Bomb Pop brand ice pops releases new Bomb Pop Middles ahead of the 2020 summer.

Featuring a creamy frozen dessert exterior and a gooey center, Bomb Pop Middles arrive in four flavors are launch:

- Chocolate Caramel Sundae - A caramel center surrounded by chocolate frozen dessert.

- Strawberry Raspberry Taffy - A creamy strawberry frozen dessert shell with a stretchy, raspberry-flavored center.

- Chocolate Creme Sandwich - Chocolate frozen dessert with a gooey creme filling.

- S'mores - A gooey, marshmallow center and graham cracker frozen dessert exterior dipped in chocolaty coating.

Bomb Pop Middles come in boxes of 10 pops for a suggested price that ranges from $4.99 to $5.49 per box. You can find them at grocery retailers nationwide. If you're having problems locating them, you can try your luck with the product locator on their website.

Photo via Bomb Pop.

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