May 4, 2020

Denny's Selling Grocery Staples and Toilet Paper at Select Locations

Calling it "Denny's Market," Denny's is offering grocery staples such as bread, eggs, and cheese (and toilet paper) for sale at select locations nationwide. Free delivery is available on orders of $20 or more placed through their website or app.

The some of the prices for the limited selection are pretty reasonable and comparable to regular supermarket prices (with the lack of sales of late). Here are the prices listed for one of my local Denny's restaurants that's offering Denny's Market (the nearest one is not):

- 8-oz of American cheese - $3
- 8-oz of cheddar cheese - $3
- A dozen eggs - $3.50
- Half-pound of bacon - $6
- A dozen sausage links - $2
- 5-pounds of chicken breasts - $20
- 8-oz sirloin steak - $6
- 13-oz T-bone steak - $7
- 8-oz of deli ham - $4
- 8-oz of shaved turkey - $4
- 7-grain bread loaf - $2.50
- Potato bread loaf - $2.50
- Sourdough bread loaf - $2.50
- 3 rolls of toilet paper - $2

If you're just looking for a few staples while avoiding crowds (and one of your local Denny's restaurants is actually offering it), Denny's Market might be worth a look.

Photo via Denny's.

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