May 23, 2020

Carl's Jr. Serves Up New Popcorn Milkshake in New Zealand

Carl's Jr. serves up the new Popcorn Milkshake over in New Zealand for a limited time.

The shake appears to be a blend of popcorn-flavored syrup, milk, and vanilla ice cream. They also offered the same flavor in nearby Australia late last year.

Apparently, Carl's Jr. gave four choices--S'mores, Cookie Dough, Popcorn, and Jelly Tip--and asked fans, "Which one of our hand-scooped shakes would you pick, and we'll see what we can do?!" From a scan of the replies, it doesn't look like Popcorn was the top choice (S'mores and Jelly Tip seemed to score highest) but here it is.

If you're curious as to what a Jelly Tip is, I looked into it and it's basically like an Eskimo Pie ice cream bar (chocolaty coating, vanilla ice cream inside) but with a tip of raspberry-flavored gelatin at the top end. The gelatin is specially-formulated so that it sticks to the vanilla ice cream and remains gelatin-like when frozen. It originates from New Zealand.

Photo via Carl's Jr. New Zealand.

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