May 26, 2020

Krystal Welcomes New Hangover Krystal Slider

Offering another "go-to cure after a night of overindulgence," Krystal welcomes the new Hangover Krystal slider.

The new slider consists of a beef patty, cheese, onion, bacon, and fresh-cracked fried egg on a steamed bun.

You can find the Hangover Krystal all day at all locations. Prices come in at $1.69 for one and $3.99 for a Hangover Krystal combo that includes two Hangover Krystals and small tots.

The chain also readies for summer with the arrival of the new Peach Slushie and new Banana Pudd'n Shake for a limited time at participating locations.

Photo via Krystal.

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