May 28, 2020

Yoshinoya Reveals New Grilled BBQ Beef

Yoshinoya strikes a summer theme by welcoming new Grilled BBB Beef to the menu for a limited time at over 100 locations across the West Coast.

The new entree features grilled beef and onions tossed in a sweet and spicy Asian BBQ sauce with sesame seeds (it looks and sounds a lot like Korean bulgogi but could also be a take on beef teriyaki).

You can get Grilled BBQ Beef with either steamed white rice, steamed brown rice, or Not So Fried rice (which is rice, grilled bell peppers, green onions, sweet corn, and edamame cooked in a savory sauce).

The price for a regular Grilled BBQ Beef bowl starts at $6.59. You can opt to make it a combo ("Bundle It") with a drink and side for an extra $2.99 (may vary).

Photo via Yoshinoya.

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