May 9, 2020

Wendy's Updates $5 Biggie Bag Deal with More Crispy-Fried Chicken

Wendy's $5 Crispy Chicken Biggie Bag
Wendy's updates their $5 Biggie Bag Deal and replaces the Bacon Double Stack with the cheaper Crispy Chicken Sandwich but looks to make up the difference by throwing in six more chicken nuggets.

In sum, for $5, you get a Crispy Chicken Sandwich, 10 chicken nuggets, a small order of fries, and a fountain drink. The deal basically take their Crispy Chicken Sandwich 4 for $4 Meal and adds six chicken nuggets for $1 more.

The change comes as Wendy's faces a fresh beef shortage in certain parts of the country.

The $5 Bigger Bag was first introduced in March 2019.

Photo via Wendy's.

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