May 29, 2020

Burger King Reveals Social Distancing Crowns in Germany and Shows You How to Make One

Burger King Germany shared a photo of super-wide, social distancing versions of their paper crowns on their social media channels earlier this week as their restaurants opened up in the country. If you want one for yourself, they included instructions on how to make one.

The crowns basically look like very wide-rimmed sombreros and when two people who are roughly the same height are each wearing one, it keeps them about six feet apart.

The instructions were on their Instagram page but it looks like they took it down. Fortunately, I wrote down how to make your own Burger King social distancing crown (more or less):

You'll need:

- 7 Burger King paper crowns
- A 150cm x 150cm square of cardboard
- Scissors or a boxcutter and glue

1. Attach the seven crowns together end to end to make an giant crown (there are tabs to connect them).
2. Draw a circle with a radius of 75cm on the cardboard and cut it out. Then cut a hole in the middle that is as big as your head (Not the widest part of your head otherwise you might be wearing it around your neck and on your shoulders).
3. Glue the crowns around the edge of the cardboard circle and you're done with your social distancing crown.

Just as a note, I've notice some news outlets saying that Burger King Germany is giving the crowns out and the US Burger King Twitter recently replied to someone asking where to get one to, "just take a quick walk to Germany," but the Burger King Germany Instagram page indicates that you have to make it yourself. Also, even a small stack of these would be unwieldy to give out.

Photo via Burger King Germany.

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