Apr 20, 2021

KFC Offers New Fresh-Made Belgian Waffles for Breakfast in Singapore

KFC Singapore offers up new Breakfast Waffles fresh-made out of a waffle iron and paired with either a fried chicken filet or as part of a traditional breakfast plate.

The new Belgian-style waffles are described as "slightly crisp on the outside and soft on the inside" and can be ordered as part of the Waffle & Chicken Platter or Waffle & Saute Mushrooms Platter.

The Waffle & Chicken Platter includes a Breakfast Waffle, Original Recipe chicken filet, and scrambled eggs, while the Waffle & Saute Mushrooms Platter includes a Breakfast Waffle, sauteed mushrooms, turkey bacon, and scrambled eggs.

Some locations serve the new waffles for breakfast daily, while others only have them on the weekends.

Photo via KFC Singapore.