Apr 18, 2021

McDonald's Hong Kong Serves Up Spam-Like Luncheon Meat on New "Pizza Bread" and "Pizza Roll"

McDonald's Hong Kong offers new thick-cut, Spam-style luncheon meat in a number of new menu options including new "Cheesy Pizza Bread" and in a "Pizza Roll."

The new Luncheon Meat Cheesy Pizza Bread appears to be an actual personal pizza topped with pizza sauce, cheese, onions, and thick-cut luncheon meat (Spam is the most popular brand of luncheon meat but we also call "deli meats" "luncheon meat" so it's usually easier to call any luncheon meat loaf as "Spam").

The new Luncheon Meat Cheesy Pizza Roll appears to be exactly the same as the Luncheon Meat Cheesy Pizza Bread only folded up and placed in a open pouch for easy, hand-held eating.

Also featuring luncheon meat on the Hong Kong McCafe menu is the new Luncheon Meat & Egg Mayo Ciabatta, which includes a thick slice of luncheon meat, scrambled eggs, mayo, and cheese on grilled ciabatta bread.

They're also offering luncheon meat for a limited time on several regular breakfast menu items, including an Egg McMuffin, on a scrambled egg burger (on a plain burger bun; no burger patty), and as part of a breakfast platter.

Photo via McDonald's Hong Kong.

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