Jul 2, 2021

Ferrero Announces New Candies and Snacks for 2021 and Early 2022

Ferrero announces an extensive line-up of new candies and snacks for 2021 as well as early 2022, including:

- The new 100 Grand Share Pack is an elongated pack of three 100 Grand candy bars that will appear in stores starting in January 2022.

- New Butterfinger Baking Bits feature Butterfinger bar in "ready-made bits" that are ideal for baking and are arriving on store shelves this summer.

- Butterfinger, Crunch, and Baby Ruth Minis get new packaging starting February 2022.

- Ferrero Golden Gallery Signature adds two new flavors to its assortment of chocolates starting in the fall. The new varieties are Caramel Intenso, which features an "intense" dark chocolate shell with a sea salt caramel center and Chocolate Sonetto, which features milk chocolate with hazelnut and almond bits dusted finely-grated white chocolate.

- New Kinder Joy Barbie "You Can Be Anything" Eggs are Kinder Joy Eggs that can include one of 12 Barbie-themed toys and 5 accessories.

- New Kinder Joy National Park Foundation Eggs are limited-edition Kinder Joy eggs with one of 16 animal toys.

- New Kinder Bueno Mini arrives as an individually-wrapped mini format for Kinder Bueno candy bars. They're available now at retailers nationwide in 5.7-oz Share Packs and 9.5-oz Family Packs.

- New Nutella &GO! Multigrain Sticks consists of hearty sticks of oats and blueberries with Nutella chocolaty hazelnut dip.

- New, limited-edition Tic Tac "Gentle Messages" packs feature limited edition sayings "designed to spark confidence in consumers to engage in fun activities and make moments of connection." They'll come in Freshmint, Orange, and Fruit Adventure flavors in single and bottle packs starting January 2022.

- New Tic Tac Tropical Adventure features four fruity flavors: pineapple, mango, banana, and passion fruit. Tic Tac Tropical Adventure will be available in single and bottle packs come January 2022.

Photo via Ferrero.

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