Jun 7, 2022

Jack in the Box Puts Together New Double Bacon Cheesy Jack

Jack in the Box launches the new Double Bacon Cheesy Jack burger as a smaller, lesser, cheaper version of the Triple Bacon Cheesy Jack that they introduced last year, which also finds itself back on the menu for a limited time.

Basically the Double Bacon Cheesy Jack includes one less patty, one less type of cheese (no American cheese), and one less form of bacon (no bacon strips) versus the Triple Bacon Cheesy Jack. Specifically, the burger includes two grilled beef patties, "two types of bacon (bacon crumbles and creamy bacon mayo), and two cheeses (cheddar cheese sauce and Swiss style)" on a toasted bun.

Available for a limited time, the Double Bacon Cheesy Jack is priced at $5.29 (versus $7.29 for the Triple Bacon Cheesy Jack) in my area. It's also available as part of a combo with small fries fries and a small fountain drink for $5.99 ($7.99 for the Triple Bacon Cheesy Jack combo). Triple Bacon Cheesy Jack went up $1 in price since it's limited-run last year (it was $6.29 in my area last year).

Photo via Jack in the Box.

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