Jun 21, 2022

Krispy Kreme Rolls Out New Original Glazed Soft Serve to Select Locations

Krispy Kreme ventures into ice cream with the initial roll-out of new Original Glazed Soft Serve at select locations in 10 US markets.

Krispy Kreme's Original Glazed Soft Serve features ingredients from Krispy Kreme's secret Original Glazed Donut recipe (including the signature Original Glaze) as well as whole milk. It can be ordered in a waffle cone or cup or as part of a shake.

Shake varieties are donut-inspired and include:

- Original Glazed
- Strawberry Iced Sprinkled
- Chocolate Iced
- Lemon Filled
- Cookies & Kreme
- Birthday Batter
- Coffee & Kreme

As far as cups and waffle cones go, you can expect the following donut-themed varieties:

- Original Glazed
- Strawberry Iced Sprinkled
- Chocolate Iced

Additional features to the new offering include waffle cones made using Krispy Kreme's donut mix and Original Glazed flavors as well as some toppings and inclusions that are made from dehydrated Original Glazed Donuts. The daily selection varies by shop.

The 10 initial markets for the product launch include: Charlotte, Greensboro and Winston-Salem in NC; Greenville, SC; Norfolk and Newport News, VA; Charleston, WV; Nashville and the Tri-Cities area in TN; San Antonio, TX; Mobile and Southwest, AL; Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Pensacola, FL; New Orleans, LA; Branson, MO; and Wichita, KS. You can check out the Krispy Kreme website to see which locations are offering ice cream.

Photo via Krispy Kreme.

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