Jun 20, 2022

Mars Debuts New CO2COA "Sustainability-Inspired" Chocolate

Mars partners with Perfect Day to debut new CO2COA, as a "a sustainability-inspired animal-free, planet-friendly chocolate innovation."

Perfect Day is a company that has developed a process to create dairy proteins, including casein and whey, without cows. Instead, the proteins are made through fermentation using microbiota. According to Perfect Day, the fermentation process "uses up to 99% less water and produces up to 97% fewer greenhouse gas emissions" versus traditional dairy production.

The Mars CO2COA is made with Rainforest Alliance Certified cocoa and Perfect Day animal-free dairy protein for a milk chocolate-like taste and texture without the milk. It's free of lactose and cholesterol and comes wrapped in paper-based packaging.

You can purchase the Mars CO2COA chocolate bar online at for $2.39 per 1.09-oz bar (shipping is free), while supplies last.

Photo via Mars, Inc.

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