Jun 7, 2022

KFC Introduces New Jack Harlow Meal

KFC gets into the fast food trend of offering celebrity meals with the introduction of the new Jack Harlow Meal in partnership with Jack Harlow, a celebrity music artist who also happens to be from Louisville, Kentucky.

The meal is described as "curated by" Harlow himself and includes a KFC Spicy Chicken Sandwich, Mac & Cheese, Secret Recipe Fries, a side of ranch (he apparently likes his Spicy Chicken Sandwich "with plenty of ranch"), and lemonade, served in custom Jack Harlow x KFC packaging.

There aren't any new menu items in the meal so it's just new packaging and maybe a slight discount. KFC's Jack Harlow Meal goes for $9.99 in my area, while the similar KFC Chicken Sandwich Combo is $8.99 but doesn't include Mac & Cheese (so the extra side ends up costing a buck versus $2 or $3).

Photo via KFC.

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